WRD-PRO6 B Base Handling Cup multi purpose glass handling Glass tools
WRD-PRO6-B Base Handling Cup multi purpose glass handling Glass tools Multi-purpose glass handling cup. One person auto glass panel setting system. Provides a safe and efficient setting solution. Connect with us on facebook
Equalizer® Visual Vacuum Plunger Cups • 2, Windshield suction cups
Equalizer® Visual Vacuum Plunger Cups • 2Today, you see more technicians using vacuum cups to set a windshield than you saw just a few years ago.The most common thing you hear about vacuum cups amongst technicians is that they do...
WRD PRO6 R Removal Glass Handling Cup windshield repair tool
WRD PRO6 R RemovalGlass Handling CupMulti-purpose glass handling cup with removal system. Connect with us on facebook
WRD PRO6 A Anchor Glass Handling Cup. Windshield removal cups heavy duty
WRD-PRO6-A Anchor Multi-purpose glass handling cup with anchor cup system. Cutting fiber line removal system and multi-purpose glass panel handling cups. Provides safe and efficient removal and glass panel handling. 17” Tool Tote - PRO6-TT PRO6 system carry bag and...
Equalizer® Two Super Size Vacuum Cups (SSC209)
Equalizer Two Super Size Vacuum Cups (SSC209)Size is not the only advantage to these vacuum cups, they have a durometer rating (measurement of hardness) that is softer than other vacuum cups of similar type. This softer durometer allows the vacuum...
$95.99 $93.48
Heavy Duty Double Head Windshield Suction Cup, Pad for Glass, Autoglass install
Allows glass screens and window panes to be moved with ease.Lightweight double suction cup with flexible shaft.Flexible shaft enables use on curved windscreens.Cup diameter: 145mm - 148mm.Loading capacity: 100lbs/45kg per Piece.40% larger than the other Vacuum Cups and hold 40%...
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