TPMS Tire Pressure Sensor Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Tool - THINKTPMS S1 Metal Tip
The Thinkcar THINKTPMS S1 433/315 MHz 2 in1 tire sensor covers more than 98% of vehicles, which is very cost-effective. Auto shops only need to stock 1 SKU to meet the needs of vehicle TPMS sensors, saving time and money,...
$897.44 $16.24
TPMS Sensor 315-433 MHz Tire Pressure Sensor - THINKTPMS S1 Rubber Stem ThinkCar
Make your life easier by replacing your old faulty tire pressure sensor with Thinkcar THINKTPMS S1 433/315 MHz 2 in1 sensor. This TMPS Sensor covers more than 98% of vehicles. The extraordinary sensor signal strength allows S1-Sensor to be easily programmed...
$760.88 $16.24
3.5 inch TPMS OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Tire Pressure System Relearn Automotive Diagnostic Equipment - THINKTPMS T109
The THINKCAR THINKTPMS T109 is an all-in-one unit that handles both TPMS and Standard OBD2 with 10 mode functions to read, erase, and read ID. Our THINKTPMS T109 Supports the programming of the THINKCAR THINKTPMS S1 and it can program...
$850.77 $162.49
OBD2 Scanner Auto Diagnostic Testing Tool with TPMS Reset Function TWAND 900 ThinkCar Tools
Tired of costly trips to the mechanic every time your check engine light comes on? Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses with our advanced OBD2 Full System Scanner. This cutting-edge tool goes beyond basic engine codes, providing comprehensive diagnostics for all...
$985.22 $389.99
Heavy-Duty Diagnostic DPF Regen Tool for Professional Vehicle Maintenance - THINKCHECK HD 200
The THINKCHECK HD 200 is a cutting-edge heavy-duty diagnostic tool designed to revolutionize your vehicle maintenance process. With its advanced features and robust capabilities, this handheld scan tool is your ultimate partner in efficiently diagnosing and performing DPF regenerations on...
$999.45 $289.00
5" Inch Professional OBD2 Scanner for Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles Automotive Diagnostic Equipment - THINKTOOL READER HD
THINKTOOL READER HD is an intelligent diagnostic instrument for more than 31 commercial vehicle, heavy duty truck, machinery worldwide. Complete capabilities for codes, live data, actuation tests. Complete capabilities for full vehicle scan, read and clear DTCs, live data stream,...
$1,245.99 $646.75
Car OBD2 Scanner Engine Fault Code Reader Diagnostic Tool - THINKCHECK OBD60 Thinkcar
The Thinkcar THINKCHECK OBD60 is a simple and easy to use obd2 scanner car code reader that comes in handy when doing vehicle diagnosis. Simple function with shortcuts for most used vehicle fault code test. Use the HELP button for...
$895.55 $43.00
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5 inch OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Tablet Professional Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Tool - THINKCHECK M43
The Thinkcar THINKCHECK M43 is our latest & easiest to use diagnostic tool! The Android based navigation menu with color touch screen makes finding the correct element fast and easy.  The four systems functionality ensures the tool can access the...
$790.25 $106.00
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Vehicle Diagnostic Code Reader OBD2 Scanner Tool - THINKCHECK M70 ThinkCar
Your reliable and user-friendly automotive companion. This plug-and-play scanner is designed to empower DIY enthusiasts and vehicle owners to easily and efficiently diagnose their vehicles, saving time and money on costly trips to the mechanic. With the THINKCAR THINKCHECK M70, you...
$760.99 $129.00
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Advanced Vehicle Diagnostic Tool - ULTRA X10 + Free USB Video Scope Included
Unlock the full potential of your vehicle diagnostics with the Ultra X10's advanced features. Effortlessly retrieve and interpret diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for the engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, and more, ensuring that no issue goes undetected. Experience the power of...
$1,023.99 $779.99
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