Glasweld Pit Polish – 15ml Windshield Repair
GlasWeld’s Pit Polish – 15ml is a deep polishing formula that provides the finishing touch to all windshield repairs and plate glass repairs. It works great for removing razor blade scrape marks from glass repair resin, leaving a perfectly smooth...
Glasweld Pit Filler Resin – 15ml Windshield Repair
Pit Filler Windshield Repair Resin is a medium viscosity Glasweld Pit Filler Resin, that is specifically designed to resist moisture penetration. Other advantages include superior adhesion, cohesion, clarity and colour stability. Connect with us on facebook
Glasweld Polishing Cork Useful for applying Pit Polish
Glasweld Polishing Cork is Useful for applying Pit Polish and as a safe alternative to heat, Polishing Corks are always ready to save the day.The abrasive grain is contained in an elastomer bond and sized for grinding and polishing and a high...
Glasweld Clearing Compound to help clear the glass
Glasweld clearing compound is Used during the final step of Advanced Technique Scratch Removal, Clearing Compound is specially formulated with mild abrasives to help “clear” the glass. Each jar contains approximately .250 kg of Clearing Compound.Abrading Clearing Compound. Specially formulated...
Glasweld Pit Filler Windshield best tool, windshield repair process, glass surface
Used at the end of the windshield repair process, Pit Filler (15 mL) is used in conjunction with a Film Tab to level the repair with the glass surface.Note: Pit Filler is not the same as a repair resin. If...
Glasweld ProVac Crack Expander Windshield Repair
Glasweld ProVac Crack Expander – Used to open surface cracks and to offset pressure on star breaks.  For use with G3 ProVac, ecoVac and ProVac 2000 injectors. Connect with us on facebook
Glasweld Drill Bits – Carbide (5 pk)
Glasweld Drill Bits – Carbide used for opening up tight impact points so the resin can flow into the break. 5 pack.Connect with us on facebook
Glasweld Chip Filler Resin – 10ml Windshield Repair
Glasweld Chip Filler Resin offers superior hardness and adhesion and polishes the finished repair.Note: Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancements and adjustments.Connect with us on facebook
Glasweld Bullseye Maker to create breaks,
Glasweld Bullseye Maker is Grab a piece of scrap glass, use this spring-loaded Bullseye Maker to create breaks, and get your practice on! To use, place the sharp tip of the Bullseye Maker straight against the glass. Holding it in...
Glasweld Car Hood Cover
Glasweld Car Hood Cover to Keep your customer’s hood and fender protected during repairs.This premium hood cover is made of thick canvas and includes magnetic corners to keep it in place.Available with a GlasWeld logo, Women Rock Repair logo, or...
Glasweld Inspection Mirror is 5x magnified on the backside of glass during repairing thewindshield
Glasweld Inspection Mirror You can’t fix what you can’t see. When repairing a windshield, attach the Inspection Mirror on the backside of the glass. This mirror is 5x magnified so that you can monitor the repair every step of the...
Polishing Compound for Distortion-free scratch removal and Remove scratches quickly and easily Glasweld
Glasweld polishing compound for distortion-free scratch removal  a key component of Basic Technique Scratch Removal, this non-abrasive compound. The names buffing compound and polishing compound are used interchangeably and refer to fine abrasive fillers combined with greases which are formed...
Glasweld Film Tabs Windshield Repair
These clear Glasweld Film Tabs Windshield Repair tabs create an oxygen barrier, so that repair resin can cure under your UV Lamp. Film tabs are a must for curing Pit Filler or long-crack repair.Connect with us on facebook
GlasWeld ProCur Curing Light Cordless, Two curing options
GlasWeld’s ProCur windshield repair curing lights take the guesswork out of curing.The all-new ProCur Smart changed the game with its smart technology. It’s completely cordless, offers two curing options (15 and 30 seconds), adjusts the cure time on cold days,...
Glasweld Injector Seal Lube keep injector working smoothly
Glasweld injector seal lube Keep your injector working smoothly with this Injector Seal Lube (15 ml). Properly lubricating your injector and its seals will allow your injector to work well for years to come.Click here to learn how and when...
Glasweld Microforce Assortment Packs includes 8 disks
Glasweld Microforce Assortment Packs In Three Disk Sizes, 2″, 3″, 5″.Includes 8 Disks In Total:(2) 180 Grit Microforce Disks(2) 360 Grit Microforce Disks(2) 500 Grit Microforce Disks(2) 1000 Grit Microforce DisksWith our commitment to innovation, we have spent a great deal...
from $13.50
Glasweld FlexCur Curing Light, Windshield repair resin
The FlexCur is an ultra-versatile LED curing light designed specifically to cure windshield repair resin. Its unique zooming functionality allows for focusing the curing intensity on one small spot, over a large area, and everything in between.The FlexCur is an...
GlasWeld zoom Professional Windshield Repair Kit, Contains the ProCur+ LED UV Curing Light
A best seller! This kit allows for mobile repairs, long cracks, edge and corners repairs and contains the ProCur+ LED UV Curing Light which can reduce repair time by as much as 5 minutes per repair! Plus, it comes with...
GlasWeld Essential Windshield Repair Kit Made in USA. Zoom & ProCur and Zoom & CurLite
The Essential Windshield Repair Kit includes all the basics for repairing rock chips—injector, curing light, resin—at a price that can’t be beat. This kit includes enough initial supplies for around 100 repairs. Additional supplies can be purchased easily as needed.Choose...
from $753.50
Glasweld Standard UV Light Bulb
Glasweld Standard UV Light BulbReplacement bulb for GlasWeld curing lights.Connect with us on facebook
Glasweld Suction Cup Sealant Windshield Repair
Lubricates the glasweld suction cup sealant when doing crack repair.Connect with us on facebook
Glasweld ProClean Cleaning Pad
This Glasweld ProClean Cleaning Pad is designed specifically to help you get the best results, when using ProClean Water Spot Solution.Connect with us on facebook
Glasweld ProClean Water Spot Solution for Windshield
Glasweld ProClean Water Spot Uses It removes hard water deposits, oxidized paint, rust, and engine grease. Glasweld ProClean Water clears Stage 1, 2 & 3 spotting. Effective in removing atmospheric etching. Restores glass, metal surfaces, painted surfaces, fibreglass gel coat,...
from $24.99
Glasweld Window Cleaner cleaning the windshield.
Glasweld Window cleaner is a simple but crucial step to every windshield repair: cleaning the windshield. Use this Window Cleaner (120 ml) in conjunction with a paper towel for excellent results.Window cleaning, or window washing, is the exterior cleaning of...
Glasweld Razor Blades handling miscellaneous tasks
Glasweld Razor Blades  From scraping off excess pit filler to handling miscellaneous tasks, razor blades are the true unsung hero. Select Size 100 Blades | Holder + 6 Blades Connect us on facebook
from $1.75
Glasweld Injector Cleaning Pack
Glasweld injector cleaning kit is  clean your injector, it will work well for years to come. Keep your injector in tip-top shape with these cleaning tools.Connect us on facebook
Glasweld Injector Tip Adapters & Seal
Glasweld injector tip adapters & seal is used for repairing a break  and works for both adapters. Sometimes you need an adapter to repair a specific type of break. The Large Pit Adapter is helpful for repairing a break with...
from $2.50
Glasweld Probes used flex removing debris.
Glasweld Probes used flex are helpful for removing debris from a break. They can also be used to flex the legs of a star break, allowing resin to flow into the tightest spots. Definition of Glasweld probes used flex 1: a...
from $8.50
Glasweld Curing Light Adapters either a USB adapter or car adapter.
Glasweld Curing Light Adapters this Power your curing light with either a USB adapter or car adapter. Designed to power the ProCur2, this removable 12V adapter is 3 meters long. (Note: Display picture may not match the cord exactly)Note: Each...
from $9.50
Glasweld UV Blocker Shell with protective microfiber bag.
Glasweld UV Blocker is a must! UV light—even indirect, ambient UV light—can cause your repair resin to cure prematurely.Choose between two different, streamlined styles designed to do the job without getting in your way. Glasweld UV Blocker Includes UV Blocker...
from $43.50
Glasweld Injector Seals to clean ,lubricate and replace the seals
Glasweld Injector Seals are a core component of every GlasWeld windshield repair injector. In order to keep your injector running smoothly and as designed, it’s important to clean, lubricate, and replace your seals as needed.Each injector requires a unique set...
from $0.00
GlasWeld Business Pro Windshield Repair Kit
Glasweld Bussiness Pro Windshield Repair Kit are Just getting started with a windshield repair business? Trying to grow your current business? The Business Pro Windshield Repair Kit has you covered.Glasweld Bussiness Pro Windshield Repair kit includes the industry’s top-rated tools...
Glasweld Disk Brushes maintaining your scratch removal disks
Glasweld Disk Brushes is an important step for maintaining your scratch removal disks.Use the Polishing Disk brush for the teal Basic Technique disks and the Microforce Disk Brush for the gray Advanced Technique disks. Disk brushes—also referred to as disc brushes—are...
from $2.99
Glasweld Compound Mixing Spatula applying compound
Glasweld compound mixing spatula Use this handy tool to mix your Polishing Compound and Clearing Compound.It’s also the perfect spatula for applying compound onto Polishing Disks.Glasweld compound mixing spatula is a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift...
Glasweld Splash Guard to minimize overspray and reduce clean-up time.
Glasweld Splash Guard Scratch removal doesn’t have to be messy. Use this Splash Guard to minimize overspray and reduce clean-up time. Glasweld Splash Guard is absorbent, easy-to-clean, and has an inside hole diameter of 10 inches. With the Splash Guard,...
Glasweld Microforce Disks(5 -pack)repair heavy scratch damage.
Glasweld Microforce Disks(5 -pack) are crucial for Advanced Technique Scratch Removal.These microabrasive disks work in conjunction with the Gforce Max to repair heavy scratch damage.Disks come in packs of five. Available in three sizes, four grits, and in an assortment...
Glasweld Gforce Backer Pad using Gforce scratch removal system
Glasweld Gforce Backer Pad aren’t just any backer pads.Featuring a center water feed hole and self-leveling flexibility, Gforce Backer Pads allow you to remove scratches quickly and easily using the Gforce scratch removal system.Available in three sizes. Glasweld Gforce Backer...
from $53.50
Glasweld Polishing Disks create distortion-free results
Glasweld polishing disks(3- pack} are a key component of Basic Technique Scratch Removal.These non-abrasive disks work in conjunction with the Gforce Max, Backer Pad, and Polishing Compound to create distortion-free results in minutes.Disks come in packs of three. Available in two sizes.Distortion-free...
from $53.50
Glasweld Gforce Max XL Kit for on-the-go jobs, scratch removal
 Gforce Max XL kit is distortion-free glass scratch removal is not only possible—it’s also simple and fast.The Gforce Max XL Kit is the perfect solution for on-the-go jobs and versatile scratch removal.If you want to be equipped to tackle any...
Glasweld Gforce Distortion free glass scratch removal Max Kit
Glasweld Gforce Max Kit , distortion-free glass scratch removal is not only possible—it’s also simple and fast.The  Kit is the perfect solution for shop and facilities needing a one-step solution. If you’re looking for straightforward scratch removal with all of...
Glasweld Protective Safety Glasses for protection during welding
Glasweld Protective safety glasses with UV blocking functionality. Glasweld safety glasses is very Protective for eyes with UV blocking functionality during welding and any factory work.Fortunately, the vast majority of today's safety glass lenses are made of some form of polycarbonate, which...
Glasweld Hand Sanding Block for headlights allows control and targeted sanding
Glasweld Hand Sanding Block is used for tricky headlights and tough-to-reach places. This  Block allows for precise control and targeted sanding. This pad simplifies prep part of sanding. It accepts 6" round dual action sanding discs without any mods, and...
Glasweld Headlight Interface Pads attach the sanding disks
 Glasweld Headlight Interface Pads connects perfectly with the Gclear Orbital Sander to attach the sanding disk.Included: (2) 3-inch Foam Pads.3″ foam interface pad sits between the sanding disk and the backer pad. This pad can be used with headlight restoration...
Gclear Coating Pad to keep headlight clear restoring headlights
 Glasweld Gclear coating & pad is the secret to keeping headlights clear , Gclear UV Hard Coat. GlasWeld’s OEM-grade, wipe-on coating restores headlights to their original clarity.  If shipping within the US: This product ships FedEx Ground only. If expedited...
from $13.51
Glasweld Essential Headlight Restoration Kit for Gclear headlight repair process
Glasweld Essential Headlight Restoration Kit comes with the basic elements of the Gclear headlight repair process. Whether you’re brand new to headlight repair or a seasoned pro, you and your customers will love the long-lasting results that only Gclear can...
Glasweld Crack Expander open tight crack for long cracks
Glasweld Crack Expander is the perfect solution for long cracksCrack Expanders open tight cracks and keep them open during the repair. These handy tools are often bought in sets of two or more. Glasweld Crack Expander allow you to open...
Glasweld Moisture Evaporator to dry -out breaks beginning the repair process
Glasweld Moisture Evaporator is used for reparing process.Work in a wet or humid climate? When it comes to rock chips, moisture is the enemy. Use this Moisture Evaporator to dry-out breaks before beginning the repair process. this process is known...
Resin Guard Skin Protectant still protecting your skin from resin
Resin Guard Skin Protectant cream allows you to ditch the gloves while still protecting your skin from resin and other harsh chemicals used during windshield repair. Say goodbye to gloves!How to use ?Tired of sweaty hands and annoying gloves? Resin...
Curing Lamp & Stand to cure Gclear coating fully and quickly
 Glasweld curing lamp & stand works with any headlights. For long-lasting headlight restoration results, use this Headlight Curing Lamp & stand to cure Gclear coating fully and quickly. The adjustable floor stand allows for changing the height and angle to...
Glasweld sanding disks for Gclear orbital sander to remove the headlight coating for PROFESSIONAL HEADLIGHT Restoration
Glasweld sanding disks is used Before coating and curing headlights, use these 3-inch sanding disks with the Gclear Orbital Sander to fully remove the prior headlight coating. Glasweld Sanding disks are circular abrasive disks that remove material, light defects, corrosion,...
from $11.50

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