Spring Hammer Scribe with Depth Gauge
Spring-loaded mechanism takes the guess work out of creating perfect mini bulls-eyes to terminate the ends of long cracks. Drill to the perfect depth every time with the innovative depth gauge. Doubles as a probe for flexing glass or removing...
B250 Upgrade Kit Bridge Auto glass windshield repair kit
B250 Upgrade Kit Bridge Auto glass windshieldUpgrade your existing B200 or B300 bridge with this easy to assemble conversion kit. Everything you need in one package. Includes the vacuum cup assembly and bridge base. Most Delta Kits injectors will work...
DELTA KITS Star Break Maker for Laminated Glass
Spring loaded centering punch is used to create star breaks in practice glass. Adjustable tension to simulate different types of damage.If you are looking to create damage on a windshield you must use the following tools 22050 Star Breaker Maker...
Delta Kits B250 bridge assembly,ultimate windshield repair injection tool - USA
The choice of professional windshield repair technicians worldwide, the Delta Kits B250 bridge assembly is the ultimate windshield repair injection tool. The B250 Bridge is easy-to-use and clean, low maintenance, and constructed of an unbreakable composite base with stainless steel...
from $294.50
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